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From the Music360 blog (our parent organization) to the 28-Day Scale Reset, we've got plenty for you to explore!


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We host masterclasses (you can sign up to play!), workshops and conversations with the best artists and thought leaders we can find! Some free, some a nominal fee.

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Want to dig deeper? We offer consultations, lessons and more.

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FREE Winter Workshop Series 

December can be a tough time of year to stay motivated (even when there’s not a pandemic). Distractions abound, procrasti-baking is at an all time high, and we’ve got until Jan 1 to avoid those goals, right? ⁣

6 Workshops between December 9-19 cover wellness, becoming an artist, digging in, embodying your music, practicing better and so much more


Our Guests


...are premiere pedagogues and expert coaches, teachers, leaders and speakers who will share their wisdom and expertise in our events and programs.  I mean... look at these past guests!



You're invited to perform or watch! Each of these guests will be giving a masterclass + sharing their wisdom in conversations, workshops and more.

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We built DCA to enrich your cello learning with a well-rounded and thoughtfully created body of lessons. Whether you're an ambitious young artist in highschool, or enrolled in a degree program, or a teaching artist will years of experience - we know lessons and music school can't possibly cover it all.

What we think we need and actually need are different... see these pie charts for proof!


Ready to shift your mindset into one of growth and possibility!?

You have a world of ideas at your fingertips!

Everything we do at DCA is designed to help you grow your artistry and expand your approach. From online go-at-your-own-pace courses, to excerpt and audition workshops, to the Thrive program run by our parent company Music360, you can take your learning to new levels! All you need is a device, and the internet.



The Thrive membership at the heart of everything we do. It's an empowering online community that helps musicians learn new ways to approach practice, performance and wellness through live events and a robust video library.


Digital Cello Academy is about learning, insight through new perspectives and TAKING ACTION so you can see the results you've been hoping for!

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