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FREE Winter Workshop Series 

December can be a tough time of year to stay motivated (even when there’s not a pandemic). Distractions abound, procrasti-baking is at an all time high, and we’ve got until Jan 1 to avoid those goals, right? ⁣

6 Workshops between December 9-19 cover wellness, becoming an artist, digging in, embodying your music, practicing better and so much more


Thrive doesn’t just give you another Zoom link. We’ve all got enough of those by now. 

Before you kick us to the curb, let us assure you that Thrive is different. It's not a festival and it's not a course. It's a membership and here's how it is different:


Fundamentals alongside a whole lotta other skills that are essential.


We focus just as much on the fundamentals of technique as we do on the skills that help you strengthen your mindset and help transform you into a dynamic artist.

Yes, we’ve got amazing cellists - but also experts that will help you fill in the gaps in your training. Because let's do a little reality check:


Video and resource library!


Once you're inside of Thrive, yes, you get access to live events but you also get access to a high quality, curated library of resources, challenges and videos to reference whenever you want. See?

Hi, we're Sarah, Ted and Alan

...and we are cellists and co-directors of Thrive for Cellists. We are experienced and battle-scarred performers and teachers with a burning urge to help you improve in all the ways you didn't know you could.

We help emerging artists optimize their tools, develop skills and create programs to support wellness and career strategies.

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Our Guests


...are premiere pedagogues and expert coaches, teachers, leaders and speakers who will share their wisdom and expertise in the membership and Thrive courses.  


Check out our January to April lineup!


What you get! Here are the details:


A monthly theme

to get you thinking outside the box. These "elevations" as we call them are things like The Art of Preparation, Mindful Practice, Sound in Motion, Captivating an Audience, and so much more. They're magical.

5 events a month

split between a master cellist and an expert in another field! 2 trainings (60 min each),1 rep/technique class (60 min), 2 masterclasses (75 min each with Q & A) 

Workbooks & PDFs

to support monthly challenges and be a resource to you forever! Both the cellists and the expert coaches give you materials to guide your way.

Video library

Lifetime access to the video library of all classes, lectures and presentations. Participate live and be all in, or, come to what you can and watch the rest later. 100% up to you.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group to engage with musicians getting to serious work!

20% off

all other Music360 and Digital Cello Academy offerings. We've got workshops, courses and so much more exciting stuff in the works!


MUSIC360 is dedicated to serving musicians of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.


More about how we roll!


Expand your training with world-renowned performers, teachers and coaches.


  • Grow beyond being a "good player" and become a truly dynamic musician
  • Develop a strong, steady mindset, empowering you to push past your fears 
  • Gain the necessary skills to build a thriving career
  • Receive continual support and guidance from your hosts, guests and the Thrive community on your entire growth journey


Hear what current members have to say!

“I highly recommend the Thrive membership because it has helped me stay motivated and inspired during my gap year. Each month, two guest artists are invited and we dive into their speciality topic. By discussing a topic in depth that both artists are very passionate about, it has helped me learn valuable information in a more deep-rooted sense. From engaging masterclasses to great PDF resources, the Thrive membership is a fantastic way to keep musicians growing and excelling in their musical careers. ”

“Musician friends, this is such an incredible opportunity that I *highly* recommend! I’ve been working in the DCA programs with professors Ixi Chen and Tiffany Valvo for several months now. The programs that they have passionately created have changed the way I think about practicing, performing, and what it means to thrive as a musician.”

“I would recommend Thrive to anyone looking to amp up their music life, and especially those looking to make music their life-long career. It's great to learn new ideas along with new repertoire each month; it really keeps things interesting! Every guest has something amazing to bring to the table, and it really is a pleasure, and an honor to get to work with these professionals.”

Time to Thrive


Bust out of the "box" with monthly training, prompts, challenges, masterclasses and group support. When you join us on the path to transforming your playing and performing, you'll clear some obstacles to ease of playing, make space for new growth and discover a more powerful YOU on the stage (and in life)!


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It's More Than Classes

  • It's A Community: Being around like-minded musicians is crucial to our sense of direction, groundedness, motivation and perspective. Our Thrive Community Facebook Group keeps you connected 24/7 to support and the fellowship of your peers.
  • Accountability + Support: Think of us as your pocket clarinet coaches, there to lift you up when you need that extra spark of motivation or knowledge. It's not about what you know, it's about IMPLEMENTING it.
  • Drive + Motivation: The challenge of doing something alone in your practice room disappears when you know you have a community that has your back. 
  • Exclusive Discounts on other Thrive and Music360 workshop series, programs, lessons and tools. 
  • A network that connects you globally to professionals and aspiring musicians alike. 

Sample Monthly Schedule

Below is an example of what you can expect each month. Between live classes, prompts, challenges and repertoire assignments, the "elevation" or focus topic of the month, will help you implement your training in bold, new, effective ways! But, don't worry if you can't attend live, or are too busy. The classes are recorded and you can go back and watch whenever it is good for you!

Who is this Membership for?

MUSIC SCHOOL GRADUATES If you have a degree or two (or three?) in music, and aren't currently earning a living in music, or are stuck and want to boost your career

COLLEGE or CONSERVATORY STUDENTS You're likely busy with school work, but you're still scratching your head on how to actually get a job when you graduate

HIGH SCHOOL STARS You know you're going to music school, you're already high-achieving, and want to soak up all the knowledge you can to supplement your college training

MUSIC TEACHERS If you have or are starting a studio, and it feels like moving a mountain to write lesson plans, Thrive360's elevations will give you a world of ideas

ANYONE who wants to play a bigger game, and find the freedom that comes with boldly stepping into your growth zone


This program is for you.


I'm IN! Let's do this!

2021 Sneak Peek

The Thrive monthly elevations take a deep dive into a perspective of learning that you don't always get (or have time for) in school. Here is a sample of what the 2021 elevations and coaches will look like! Keep in mind: these are clarinet instructors below, and instrument-specific coaches will be announced based on enrollment. 

January 2021: Fitness

What does it mean to be "fit", both on your instrument and off? What does fitness look like for you and how does physical strength, power and endurance help you be a better musician?

MATT KASEE - Certified Trainer
RICHARD AARON - Cello Pedagogue 

February 2021: Mental Toughness

How can we make our practice more effective by applying research from the areas of sport and cognitive psychology? and How can we build the mental skills necessary to thrive in performance?

CAROLYN CHRISTIE - Performance Coach
HANS JENSEN - Cello Pedagogue and author of "Cello Mind"

March 2021: Sound in Motion

This month's exploration is about vocalism! How can we use vocal techniques to create a resonant body of sound? and, how can we examine and integrate the subtext of a work to create a dynamic and effective interpretation?

STEVE DOANE - Cello Pedagogue

April 2021: Captivating An Audience

It takes character, charisma and confidence to captivate an audience. So how do you cultivate those things? Find out how to use your body to infuse your music with drama. 


This membership is about learning, insight through new perspectives and TAKING ACTION so you can see the results you've been hoping for!



Each month you get:

  • 1 Training led by Elevation Coach
  • 1 Training led by Instrumental Teacher/Performer
  • 1 Rep/Technique Workshop
  • 1 Masterclass led by Top Coach
  • 1 Masterclass led by Instrumental Teacher/Performer
  • Videos of all of those classes
  • PDFs, prompts, challenges, and access to our Facebook group
  • A 20% discount on all other Music360/DCA programs

Enrollment at this tier will open again in late Spring.  



Each month for 4 months you get:

  • 1 Training led by Elevation Coach
  • 1 Training led by Instrumental Teacher/Performer
  • 1 Rep Workshop
  • 1 Masterclass led by Top Coach
  • 1 Masterclass led by Instrumental Teacher/Performer
  • Videos of all of those classes 
  • PDFs, prompts, challenges, and access to our Facebook group 
  • A 20% discount on all other Music360/DCA programs



Each month for one year you get:

  • 1 Training led by Elevation Coach
  • 1 Training led by Instrumental Teacher/Performer
  • 1 Rep Workshop
  • 1 Masterclass led by Top Coach
  • 1 Masterclass led by Instrumental Teacher/Performer
  • Videos of all of those classes 
  • PDFs, prompts, challenges, and access to our Facebook group 
  • A 20% discount on all other Music360/DCA programs

Savings: $139


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